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She lives in Southern California with her Yellow Labrador Retriever...


Where do you live and family?

I live in Southern California with my Yellow Labrador Retriever (3rd Lab in a row). I adopt my canine companions from Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue.

What is a vegan for you? (food choice, health, animal rights, lifestyle)

A vegan does not consume anything of animal origin, no flesh, dairy, eggs, honey or gelatin and avoids products made from animals, such as leather, fur, silk, etc.

I personally do not care why a person chooses to shun animal products, I just care that they do. My job is to influence, not to judge. 

I support animal rights, love what PETA, HSUS, IDA and all of the courageous activists do to alleviate the suffering of animals. I wield the pen…I just want people to stop eating animals in my lifetime.

I truly believe that when we reach the end of this century, people will be horrified at the thought that ‘once upon a time,’ animals were slaughtered for food.

When did you became a veggie and why?

I became vegetarian in 1971 after reading ‘Diet for a Small Planet.’ I went vegan in 1990 for the health aspects as well as environmental concerns.

I have always considered myself a compassionate person, however the more distance you put between yourself and anything else, the more objective you become. 

One begins to see things more clearly, as they truly are…
Whereas the thought of eating flesh was always vile and disgusting, the broader implications of the egg and dairy industry came into focus. I would describe myself as a ‘compassionate vegan.’

When did you start the VegTv.com, when did you get a interest in starting a cooking show?

1999 – I had been writing and doing book tours and found that I am very comfortable on camera. Cooking shows, red carpet, interviews were an easy transition.  That is not to say that it wasn’t, and continues to be, a huge endeavor.  We pull off a miracle a day around here.

VegTV has been producing, hosting and distributing original video content for more than a decade. We feature celebrity interviews, cooking shows, eco-travel and medical, nutrition and lifestyle professionals who promote a healthful and planet-friendly lifestyle. VegTV On The Road from L.A. to Chicago, Kauai to India.

‘VegTV’, a lively half-hour TV show was carried nationally on the Healthy Living Network for more than 2 years. (April 2003 – August 2005 2 years 5 months)
We recently launched a new VegTV Portal, which is getting a million video views a month and are in the process of loading the initial 300 videos, with this 3rd stage build out almost complete. 1,000 videos online by December.

Tell me a little bit about your books, what made you writing them and whats the name of the title?

My writing career began when I became vegan.  I am just finishing my 5th book and have been a features writer and syndicated newspaper columnist and currently Managing Editor at www.ecomii.com.

  • Luscious Low Fat Desserts, Chariot Publishing - buy amazon
  • Soy of Cooking, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. - buy adlibris
  • More Soy Cooking, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. - buy adlibris
  • The Enlightened Kitchen, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. - buy amazon

Ecomii is a leading environmental site with 1.5 million unique visitors a month. At the Food and Health Alternative "http://www.ecomii.com/blogs/food, my team of experts and I write full-on articles (not the typical blogs), which offer cutting edge information for optimal health and nutrition. 
The Calcium Conspiracy.

Do you have other project thats veggie related?

Everything I do is vegan…  Books, articles, vids…
VegTV, is my baby…

Have you encountered problems when eating out? (poor selection of products on the menu)

Nope, especially here in California!  I can order right off the menu and can make anything vegan anywhere that food is cooked to order.

Do you support or help charity or similar?
Pcrm.org, pcrm.org/lf, peta.org, peta2.com, humanesociety.org, ifaw.org, idausa.org, sclrr.org

What is your favorite dish and drink?

I love Indian, Thai and Mexican cuisine best of all…favorite dish?  difficult…I just love great food…Ethnically, I am Italian (2nd generation American) so I was born with the ‘cooking gene’…and of course love pasta and great vegan Lasagna.

Do you have a message you want to share to Sweden?

Go Vegan! VegTV motto: Good for you; good for the planet!
Do it for yourself, for someone you love, for the animals or for the planet. But just do it!

Whatever you do for others will come back to you many times over…whether your compassion is toward people or animals, we are all living beings fighting a hard battle. Remember that and always be kind when you meet anyone, fur-person or otherwise.

Much love to all!


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